Miracle celebration ministries/Forgiven kids of Africa is on a foundation spiritual and community development programs. We take care of the spiritual needs of God’s children and also take of the orphans and needy children, plus involving community development programs.
Our programs run in 4different places and cover 500 children.

    • Bugiri orphanage centre/ Emmanuel orphanage home.
    • Kayunga orphans and childcare centre.
    • Mbale childcare centre.
    • Kampala childcare centre.



Kayunga orphans receiving mosquito nets

Problems facing the program

As the implementers of this program these are some of the challenges we’re facing in delivering services to the orphans:

    • Lack of enough Scholastic materials for our orphans during school time.
    • Too many mosquitoes in the area. This puts our children lives vulnerable to diseases caused by mosquitoes like malaria, yellow fever.
    • Lack of enough trained workers since their cost of maintenance is more than what the organization can afford at the moment. So we end up using cheap less trained labour.
    • The issue of accessing clean water in Bugiri and Kayunga is still a problem. Due that the water normally used is 90% unsafe for drinking.
    • Transport and coordination between these orphanages (a service vehicle) is still a big challenge. Due to this sometimes help reaching orphanages in deep villages is delayed.
    • Our primary school lacks classrooms and desks. Like in Bugiri the children sit under the tree for their lessons and kayunga school uses the church.
    • Some of the buildings which house the orphans and the programs are in desperate need of renovation and construction. In kampala the walls and iron sheets need to be replaced.
    • Poor bedding materials. Most of the orphans sleep on the floor in Bugiri with tone bed sheets and no beds.
    • The feeding of these orphans needs to be upgraded to a balanced diet. Most of the times are feed on one type of food (posho, or cassava). This may lead to malnutrition.
    • Lack of adequate funds to facilitate the organization’s programs in the 4districts. The need to establish income generating projects and strengthening the available project.
    • Lack of a hospital/health centre in kayunga which is causing a lot of premature deaths in children, pregnant mothers and adults.

The chairman of kayunga orphanage school (Mr. Magidu) explaining the status of the school to the director. Mr magidu has just lost his wife who died after giving birth to Twins under a tree. There is no hospital in this area.

Forgiven Kids of Africa PLAN FOR 2010- 2015

Forgiven kids of Africa Project has the following plan laid up plan for the next 5years:

    • Establish income generating projects. This will help in the running of the day today activities of the organization. These income generating projects include:
      • Establish crop and animal husbandry; crop husbandry includes; pineapple growing, maize, potatoes, bananas and coffee. The organization has already land on which to Implement these projects. Animal husbandry includes; piggery, poultry for both layers and broilers, cattle rearing.
      • Establishing a grinding machine to support the community in kayunga in grinding their cereals plus the orphans.
    • Ensuring that by end of 2012 all our orphans (tune of 500) will be fully on monthly sponsorship of $25 per for each kid.
    • Establishing a boarding primary/ secondary school for the orphans and needy children on our kayunga land. This will help in recruiting all our orphans and giving them the privileged of being educated.

Children in kayunga centre
Most of the children in Kayunga lack basic needs (Clean water, proper shelter, Education, vulnerable to malaria due too many mosquitoes

    • Renovating and building the 4 orphanage centers; Bugiri orphanage centre (which is now fiinished reconstruction), Kayunga orphanage centre, Kampala orphanage centre and Mbale orphanage centre, since many of them are in a sorry state and desperately need attention. This will help in safeguarding the lives of our children.
    • Bring good and safe drinking into the community of Nyondo, kayunga.

Kampala childcare centre in need of Reconstruction. Our plan is to make it a national Administrative centre for all activities of Mccp

    • Acquiring an orphanage van/pickup truck to help in transport and coordination within these 4 orphanages. And getting mosquito nets for every single child and the communities around.(as we speak the 500children in our program have received Nets, remaining the community around).

Pr Edward showing the children in kayunga how to use a mosquito net

  • Building a well/borehole in kayunga and protecting the well in Bugiri Orphanage centre so as to access safe drinking water.
    Making the Kampala orphanage centre a national administrative base and coordinating centre for any more Mccp development in the whole country.
  • Building a hospital/health centre in kayung- Nyondo region.


  • Bugiri orphanage centre is has finished reconstruction. The old half roofed weak structure has been demolished and now the new one is constructed.
  • Kayunga Community hospital is now under construction. This will help cater for the health of kayunga village.
  • Establishment of Forgiven kids choir
  • Making of paper necklesses as part of income generating.

Bugiri Orphanage before construction

The Kids in Bugiri orphanage

Beds & Mattresses arriving at Bugiri orphanage centre

Bugiri Orphanage centre (Emmanuel orphanage Home) at present

The unspeakable joy of the children as they rejoice over the New orphanage building
Finally as the Director/Founder of Miracle Celebration Childcare Program/ Miracle celebration Ministries I would like to thank all who have helped are still willing to help. This action will echo for many generations. Glory to God.
May the good lord bless you?

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